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Partnering with Industry Leaders

At Paratec Door Solutions, we believe in excellence through collaboration. By aligning with top industry leaders, we ensure that our products not only meet but exceed the highest standards, offering unparalleled quality and innovation to our valued clients.

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Our Top Garage Suppliers

We partner with the best in the industry to bring you the finest garage door solutions.

Clopay Garage Doors

Clopay stands as a beacon of innovation and quality in the garage door industry. As a brand that has made significant strides, including the recent acquisition of industry giants like Cornell & Cookson, Clopay consistently pushes the envelope in design and functionality. Their recognition of Paratec Door Solutions as a Master Authorized Dealer underscores their commitment to partnering with only the best. From sectional doors that grace homes to expansive commercial setups, Clopay remains a preferred choice for those who refuse to compromise on excellence.

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Cornell Garage Doors

Cornell is synonymous with robustness and versatility in the commercial door segment. Their offerings, ranging from heavy-duty rolling steels to state-of-the-art security grilles, embody a legacy of engineering prowess. Their focus on safety, evidenced by specialized products like fire doors and the Storm Defender series, showcases their dedication to not just meeting but setting industry standards. For businesses that demand reliability and performance, Cornell stands as a trusted ally.

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Cookson, a name that resonates deeply within the garage door industry, has consistently showcased its prowess in delivering reliable and innovative solutions. Known for their heavy-duty rolling steels and specialized doors, Cookson's offerings have been essential for businesses that prioritize security without compromising on aesthetic appeal. Their range, which includes everything from insulated rolling steel doors to intricate security grilles, underscores their commitment to versatility and quality. With their recent association with Clopay, Cookson continues its legacy of setting, not just meeting, the industry benchmarks.

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Wayne Dalton

In the realm of garage doors, Wayne Dalton has etched its mark as a provider of both diversity and specificity. While they offer a broad spectrum of doors, it's their corrugated roll-up sheet doors and the high-performance ADV-X series that have found favor with many commercial establishments. Wayne Dalton's commitment to marrying form with function makes them a go-to choice for businesses seeking efficient and aesthetically pleasing solutions.

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Blue Giant Equipment

Blue Giant Equipment is more than just a supplier; they are innovators in the dock and door space. Their vast range of offerings, from dock levelers of various systems to HVLS fans, embodies a commitment to enhancing logistics efficiency. Businesses seeking holistic solutions that improve both safety and productivity find a dependable partner in Blue Giant Equipment.

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More of Our Top Garage Suppliers

We partner with the best in the industry to bring you the finest garage door solutions.

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Genie has made its mark as a trusted name in door openers, catering to both residential and commercial needs. Their products are a testament to the fact that behind every smoothly operating door is an efficient opener. With a keen focus on user convenience and technological integration, Genie continues to set the standard in door automation.

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Specializing in commercial openers, Manaras combines engineering expertise with a keen understanding of commercial needs. Their products stand out for their durability, ensuring that businesses can operate without interruptions. For establishments that require dependable and efficient openers, Manaras emerges as an obvious choice.

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Pioneer Dock Equipment

When it comes to quality dock equipment that parallels the offerings of industry frontrunners, Pioneer Dock Equipment stands out. Their range, mirroring the comprehensive solutions similar to Blue Giant, underlines their commitment to quality and durability. Businesses seeking resilient and efficient dock solutions, from levelers to seals, can trust in Pioneer's established reputation.

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Advance Lifts

Specializing in vertical motion, Advance Lifts offers businesses the edge they need in logistics and warehousing. Their scissor lifts, notably their loading dock tables, are designed for efficiency, safety, and durability. With a clear focus on elevating operations, both literally and figuratively, Advance Lifts is a go-to for businesses seeking top-tier vertical solutions.

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Janus International

Janus International has carved a niche for itself with its signature corrugated sheet doors. These doors, designed for resilience and aesthetic appeal, cater to a broad spectrum of commercial needs. Whether it's storage facilities or larger commercial setups, Janus ensures that the entrance is secure, durable, and visually pleasing.

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Schweiss Doors

For establishments that require expansive and reliable door solutions, Schweiss Doors is the name they turn to. Renowned for their hydraulic and bifold hanger doors, Schweiss combines engineering excellence with aesthetic brilliance. Their doors not only provide optimal functionality for large spaces like hangars but also add a touch of modern design, making them both efficient and eye-catching.

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Optex Sensors

In the modern era of automation and security, Optex Sensors stands out as a leader in activation solutions for overhead doors and gates. Their cutting-edge sensors ensure that doors and gates operate seamlessly, safely, and efficiently, enhancing user convenience and security. As businesses increasingly move towards smarter solutions, Optex remains a pivotal partner.

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Raynor Garage Doors

With a focus on versatility, Raynor Garage Doors offers an extensive range of products, with their Sectionals AV 300 SERIES standing out. Known for their durability and design, Raynor doors are a favorite for businesses that demand consistency and quality. Their commitment to craftsmanship and innovation has cemented their position as a trusted name in the garage door industry.

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