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Airplane Hangar Door Experts in Florida

Paratec Door Solutions is your one-stop source for commercial and residential overhead doors, dock levelers, automatic doors, gate operators, and much more.


Paratec is a Proud Member of the IDA

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Reliable Airplane Hangar Door Services

From expert installation to maintenance and repair, Paratec ensures that your airplane hangar doors are robust and secure.

Maintenance & Emergency Repairs

Ensure continuous operation with our routine maintenance services and rapid response for emergency repairs, keeping your hangar doors functional at all times.

airplane hangar door maintenance

Specialized Installation

We provide expert installation services for airplane hangar doors, designed to meet the unique needs of aviation facilities, ensuring wide openings and robust construction.

airplane hangar door installation

Customizable Door Solutions

Tailor your hangar doors with a variety of materials, sizes, and operational mechanisms to suit your specific aircraft and hangar specifications.

customizable hangar door

Enhanced Security Features

Our hangar doors come equipped with advanced security features to protect valuable aircraft and equipment from both environmental threats and unauthorized access.

secure airplane hangar door

Energy Efficiency

Optimize the energy efficiency of your hangar with doors that provide superior insulation and weather sealing, reducing heating and cooling costs.

energy efficient hangar door